VeganBurg Now Open, Mostly Pleasing Vegans in a Haight

December 18, 2015 - bbq set

San Francisco recently welcomed a initial U.S. plcae of a renouned Singaporean sequence VeganBurg, that non-stop in a Haight over a weekend. The grill is 100 percent plant-based, and promotes sustainability in all their messaging, that includes their rather complicated aphorism “Once bitten, twice wise!” It’s already causing utterly a anger among a city’s vegan set; review on to see what people are saying.

The Burgers


The mustang burger, seaweed fries and steamed broccoli. Photo: Michelle Cehn

At opening, a menu includes dual flavors of burgers, a mustang penchant (soy patty, mustard, gherkin pickles, red onion) and hazed BBQ (mushroom patty, grill sauce, lettuce, onions, tomato, picles), and seaweed fries (French fries surfaced sprinkled with dusty seaweed) and steamed broccoli sides. Vegan cook Jesse Miner is “excited to report” on Twitter that a burger is “delicious.” Good Day Sacramento match Roqui Theus enthusiastically agreed, observant on-air that a mustang (which was her initial vegan burger experience) tasted “like a normal burger. Even improved than a normal burger.” Most Yelpers are on a tasty page, too — in fact, out of 10 reviews so far, usually 3 are underneath 4 stars, and a complaints are all price-related, that leads us to…

The Price


Two receipts, with identical totals, uncover how add-ons, sides and drinks fast ramp a cost up, with one entrance to $21.66 with only one burger, side and drink, and a other $23.27 with dual burgers and a drink. Photos: Chad J./Yelp | 0 0./Yelp

Simply put, you’re going to compensate only as most for a burger here as we would for a tasty version. “I only spent $17 on a burger with a side of broccoli, and um… WTF??” one Yelper wrote. To be fair, a chairman combined avocado and vegan bacon to a burger, though it’s still not cheap. Another reviewer voiced equal snub during a plaque shock.

The Decor


You can mark a astroturf seating. Photo: VeganBurg

As Eater reported final January, a grill now occupies a former All You Knead space, that has undergone utterly a transformation. According to one Yelper, it’s unrecognizable as a former bakery, writing, “You wouldn’t commend it. It looks kind of like a hipster loll built by cows: all recycled timber and astroturf.”

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