Vegetarian bonfire night BBQ recipes: celeriac steaks and baked honeyed potatoes

November 6, 2017 - bbq set

I don’t know anyone who isn’t drawn in by a smouldering feverishness of a fire. And there will be some-more fires this weekend than during any other time of a year. I, for one, will be cooking on mine.

There is many primal compensation to be found in cooking a elementary potato in a glow before eating it with butter and cheese, or in toasting a marshmallow on a hang until browned and softened.

Although I’ve finished my satisfactory share of glow building, I’m no consultant in cooking on one, so I’ve taken recommendation from my dear crony Tom Herbert, who has created a really good book on a subject, Do Wild Baking. Here are a ways Tom suggests cooking on glow with a few ideas and recipes from me:

On a stick. The easiest and – with organisation – many child-friendly approach of cooking. Try coupler unyeasted bread brew (see my yoghurt flatbread recipes) around a hang or usually go for a marshmallow.

On a embers. Some dishes straightforwardly lend themselves to being put directly on embers, that we can hillside around to emanate hotter and cooler zones for opposite purposes. With flatbreads, a brew bakes directly on a embers, while coupler potatoes (see below) or whole baked squish (which have their possess protecting skin) can be pushed into a remains and left to bake slowly.

On a prosaic prohibited stone. Once a glow has burnt down and we are left with intense embers, a prosaic mill placed on tip of them can turn an ideal prohibited image for things that need to be baked on a dry heat. Think chapatis and cheese toasties.

On a rack. A steel shelve set above prohibited embers; good for charred veg for flatbreads. If your setup is strong enough, we can also use it to feverishness pans for a reduction approach form of cooking (as we would on a hob, though with additional hazed flavour).

In a pot. A stout pot with a good lid, a cast-iron vessel or Dutch oven can be placed directly on or even in a glow with a embers sitting on a lid for an all-over bake. Think one-pot pasta, Boston beans, or we can even make cakes work with this.

Barbecuing. When you’re cooking or baking in a wild, a campfire is distant from a usually option. A unstable roaster is a good choice for anywhere where a campfire is not.

Anna’s tips for barbecuing vegetables

Cook on colourless or wood, if we can, as it will explain that hazed essence that gas barbecues won’t.

Use lumpwood charcoal. It’s some-more costly though will reason feverishness longer so we will use less. Avoid firelighters if we can.

Wait for a right impulse to cook. This competence sound basic, though wait for a abandon to scrupulously die down. You wish a coals white-hot, grey and intense to give a many even heat.

Control a feverishness usually as we would if we were regulating a gas hob. If things are too hot, take your food off and let a coals cold down.

If we are cooking some-more than one thing, it competence be useful to have dual temperatures on your barbecue. To do this, once a coals are hot, raise many of them to one side, that will be prohibited for grilling, and a few on a other side for warming bread and gentler cooking.

Don’t oil your vegetables before they strike a grill. Instead, dress them delicately after grilling, while they are still warm, with good olive oil, citrus or vinegar.

Celeriac steaks with salsa verde

One of a many noted dishes of final summer was some celeriac beef we baked with some friends during a Do Lectures, on a plantation in Wales. Now we take any possibility we can to reconstruct it.

These cooking and grilled celeriac steaks with white beans and salsa verde. Photograph: Yuki Sugiura for a Guardian

Makes 6
1 celeriac
1 red chilli
Zest and extract of 1 unwaxed lemon
1 tbsp maple syrup
A few sprigs of uninformed thyme
Salt and black pepper

For a salsa verde
3 cornichons
1 tbsp capers
1 tiny garland any of uninformed mint, basil and parsley
Zest and extract of ½ an unwaxed lemon
2 tbsp additional pure olive oil
Salt and black pepper

For a white beans
2 garlic cloves, sliced
1 x 700g jar or 2 x 400g cans white beans, drained
Olive oil

1 Fill a middle saucepan with prohibited H2O from a kettle and move to a boil. Thickly flay a celeriac, afterwards cut it into 2cm-thick steaks and blanch in a prohibited H2O for 8 minutes, until tender.

2 Finely clout a red chilli and brew it with a lemon extract and zest, maple syrup, thyme leaves and a splash of salt and peppers to make a marinade.

3 Drain a celeriac and put it in a brine for during slightest 20 mins – or even overnight. Preheat a ridged roaster vessel on a high heat.

4 To make a salsa verde, roughly clout a cornichons and capers, afterwards supplement a spices and clout all together. Scoop into a bowl, abrade in a lemon zest, fist in a extract and supplement a oil as good as 2 tbsp of a brine from a celeriac. Taste and season.

5 For a beans, feverishness a tiny oil in a saucepan and supplement a garlic. Cook for a integrate of mins until a edges are commencement to crisp, afterwards supplement a white beans and prepare to comfortable through. Mash about half of a beans and stir in a good drizzle of olive oil, ambience and check a seasoning. Keep warm

6 Cook a celeriac on a prohibited roaster or roaster for 2–3 mins on any side, until charred and baked through, basting with a remaining brine any notation or so.

7 Serve a steaks with a bean crush and a inexhaustible ladle of salsa verde, and, if we like, a startle of immature salad.

Ember-baked honeyed potatoes (main picture)

This is not a groundbreaking recipe, though is useful some-more as a guideline for those who haven’t baked on embers before.

Serves 4
4 middle honeyed potatoes
Good flaky salt

1 Light a glow or a roaster and wait for a abandon to die down. You are looking for lots of white coals and not many in a approach of flames. Meanwhile, dumpy a honeyed potatoes and, while still wet, massage them all over with salt and olive oil. Then hang any one firmly in tin foil.

2 Put a potatoes on to a coals regulating tongs and if we have a tiny steel dip or an aged pan, use this to dip coals really delicately on tip of any potato so that they prepare with a some-more even heat.

3 After about 40 minutes, a honeyed potatoes should be soothing throughout, and should have taken on some of a smashing hazed essence from a fire. You can check if they are finished but unwrapping them by adhering a skewer into a potatoes: it should slip by like butter. If a potatoes are still hard, put them behind on a glow and check after another 10 minutes. The cooking time will count on a distance and figure of your potatoes and a feverishness of your fire.

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