Vince Staples, Live In Concert: SXSW 2016

March 22, 2016 - bbq set

On paper, Vince Staples headlining an NPR showcase doesn’t make a lick of sense. He’s a young, black rapper, with prolongation that veers toward a inharmonious and gritty, and aggressive, colorful lyrics that pronounce pointedly to a systemic issues that disease his hometown of Long Beach, Calif. But in action, Staples shutting out a night that also featured soul, Chicano punk, indie stone and nation done all a clarity in a world.

The bulk of a element Staples achieved came from final year’s widely acclaimed Summertime ’06 — an manuscript that laid unclothed his knowledge flourishing adult around gangbangers, drug dealers and addicts, aroused outsiders and hurtful cops. His conformation a usually thing visible, Staples launched into his set with a deceptively expansive “Lift Me Up”; a assembly immediately carried with him, jumping during his command.

With charisma, comedy and a hold of cynicism peppered throughout, Staples played to his throng though pandering — which, to be fair, has never been a partial of his repertoire. (See: his Spotify showcase during SXSW.) The appetite between Staples and assembly was reciprocal, and usually ticked adult serve as a night wore on. By a final dual songs — a extravagantly charged “Senorita” and a differing “Blue Suede” — there was full-out moshing, throng surfing and theatre crashing, most to a discomfit of security. Elbows were thrown and backs were shoved, though it was transparent by a time Staples finished his performance, station atop a rail directly in front of his adoring audience, that it was all a earthy phenomenon of unbridled, tender positivity.

Watch a whole set here, or check out particular songs in a set list below.

Set List

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