We kick a feverishness for food and fun during a "second-10th" TR BBQ

July 25, 2016 - bbq set

— 10:02 AM on Jul 25, 2016

TR gerbils from around a nation scurried to Holland, Michigan this past weekend to take partial in a “second-10th” TR BBQ. Though this was usually my second time during a event, Colton “drfish” Westrate and his family are battle-hardened veterans during display a rest of us a good time, and a BBQ is already a high indicate of my year. While a few regulars couldn’t make it this time, it was good to hang out with some new blood. Hopefully we didn’t shock those folks divided with a antics.

All told, I’d theory that over 50 people braved a 90-degree-plus feverishness to eat zgirl’s high ribs with us during a BBQ’s busiest point, creation a second-10th BBQ one of a better-attended ones yet. drfish unequivocally pulled out all a stops this year to safeguard that TR readers could join us virtually, as well—his Ricoh Theta S 360-degree camera saw to that. We’ve already reviewed a glorious wireless networking rigging that Asus sent us to yield coverage opposite a whole BBQ site, and we can endorse that it was adult to a charge of gripping us connected into a outward universe even when mobile connectivity failed.

I was too bustling ripping into ribs to take cinema of a food, though a former editor-in-chief Scott “Damage” Wasson was on site and had a participation of mind to get some snaps (and video) of a barbecuing and a following ribs.

Once we were all formally full of ribs, we kicked off a normal cornhole tournament. we was broken in a initial turn of a event—so most a improved for holding pictures. we unequivocally need to transport my set of play out of a strew and indeed use some for subsequent year.

Some of a competitors earnestly concentration on putting beanbags in holes.

The final 4 duke it out

After a exhausting impetus by a brackets, Josh S. emerged winning over visit champion zgirl and took home a honeyed set of G.Skill DDR4 memory.

zgirl got one of a overwhelming 3D-printed trophies that drfish churned adult for this event, though she courteously gave adult her mark in a esteem sequence so that TR forum mod Dposcorp and fourth-place leader idchafee could have their collect of keyboards from Corsair and Cooler Master.

Thanks to a sponsors for those good prizes. We also ensured that visitor chubbyhorse would be behind subsequent year by awarding him the prestigious Wasson Cup. We demeanour brazen to saying where his travels take him with this cherished trophy.

Once a cornhole championship concluded, we changed to a beach disremember for a normal banishment of potatoes into Lake Michigan, pleasantness of Captain Ned’s worldly spud smoothness device.

Dposcorp hauled out a palletload of new and pre-loved hardware for gerbils’ examination during a normal barter meet.

Since we had a burble appurtenance and a large-scale bubble-maker during hand, a usually judicious thing to do was mix those dual things to put froth inside a bigger bubble.

As a object set, we watched a outrageous thunderstorm hurl in over Lake Michigan. Despite some few sleet showers, we fake forward and carted Shoes’ enormous fireworks transport down to a beach for a discerning uncover before violation camp.

Our interjection once again to drfish and family for a tons of prep work and opening their lakeside cabin to a masses, to zgirl for feeding us with her tasty ribs, and to all a TR village members who done a trip. It was good unresolved out and articulate with all of you. Thanks also to Corsair, G.Skill, and Cooler Master for promulgation us prizes for a cornhole tournament, and to Asus for promulgation us that overwhelming wireless networking gear. We wish to see everybody again subsequent year.

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