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February 9, 2015 - bbq set

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  • The black and her justice

Once on a time, in a distant off land of Tampa, there was a small encampment called Fittleworth that would annually chuck open a gates and turn a portal to another land filled with kings, queens, mermaids, and Gothic magic. Last night, Fittleworth non-stop a gates to a media for a private preview of a festivities to come.

From a impulse we arrived, we knew we was in for a good time. we was greeted during a doorway by a male dressed from conduct to toe in leaves. He was even planted in a pot for good measure. He told jokes, he acted for pictures, he even high-fived me on my approach out. Once everybody else arrived, a black and her stately justice took a theatre and introduced us to a initial performer of a evening, Will E. Bay, a businessman looking to peddle his wares. Many were sole on products like roxy-clean or a burlap sweeping and we contingency acknowledge we was tempted by a straw memory froth sham that conforms to a belligerent we chuck it on. 

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  • Mermaids and Rogues

After that, Manolete took a theatre and sang folk songs about dragons and lethal trials while we ate, drank, and laughed. Gypsies danced to charming tunes. The Acrobellum wowed a throng with acrobatic people stacking, figure making, and even popcorn during a end. Girls wreathed in flowers picked volunteers for a dance around a May pole. Mermaids flopped on seaside and screeched aloud for a queen’s alcohol. A sorceress wandered by a line of people watchful to get food. Some dressed adult as their favorite Gothic character: elves, knights, rogues, oh my! 

we had a possibility to try a encampment of Fittleworth a bit and found many attractions from years past being set up. The squares of a tellurian chessboard were being put into place. Pits were being dug for “The Ultimate Dive Mud Show.” we even saw construction crews adding grain bales for a jousting foe and nailing adult targets for a Axe Throw contest.

we had a good time and this was usually a preview. The genuine uncover starts on Feb. 14 and will run on a weekends until a finish of March.

Each weekend will have a possess theme.

Feb. 14-15
Bring a someone special Valentine’s Day Weekend for Wine, Chocolate, and Romance and foe in a Newlywed Game for a possibility to win a Renaissance Romance package.

Feb. 21-22
Celebrate a middle Scotsman in we a subsequent weekend with a Highland Fling. Register to foe in games of strength from mill throwing to arm wrestling for money prizes. Raise a Jolly Roger for a Buccaneer Beer and Pet Fest on Feb 28.There will be a tattoo foe and all day booze and drink tastings.

March 7-8
Flight of Fantasy  This thesis facilities a swell dancing competition, anticipation facade foe and steampunk dress contest.

March 14-15
Wear immature for Shamrocks and Shenanigans, a largest St. Paddy’s Day celebration in a Bay Area. Dance to normal Irish song or hearten on your favorite competitor in a frock competition.

March 21-22
Set cruise  for a High Seas Adventure. If we honour yourself on facial hair enter a best brave foe or wear your best bandit clothe for a ideal bandit contest.

March 27
Teachers move your students on Mar 27 for Festival Friday. It’ll be a day full of fun and education. There’s also happy hour for adults too starting during 3 p.m.

March 28-29
If we like good barbecue, come to a final RenFest weekend for a Barbarian BBQ Bash. Enter your transport in a BBQ competition, suffer giveaway cake with a king, and while we eat, watch a Florida State Archery Championship. 

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